Nutrition Support for IBS Sufferers & Weight Loss Without Fad Diets

Clinical Nutritionist Programs & Consultations for IBS, SIBO, Digestive Disorders, Weight Loss with the Metabolic Balance diet and Detox.
Learn to fuel and nourish your body with the foods it needs to thrive.

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Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition Consults

Nutrition appointments for other health conditions like high cholesterol, EBV, chronic fatigue etc. Get in touch.

Digestive Health Program

Find the cause of your digestive symptoms and working through the steps to heal and rebalance your gut.

Weight Loss Program

This is a long-term weight loss solution with personalised nutrition from a blood test & your individual health markers.

Meet Your Nutritionist

Hey there, lovely people! I’m Lisa Snowdon, your clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. With my expertise in weight loss using the awesome Metabolic Balance diet framework, as well as all things IBS, SIBO, and digestive health, I’ve been on a mission for the past 15 years to help countless clients overcome gut symptoms and conquer those pesky weight challenges. Trust me, I’ve seen it all and I’m ready to bring my knowledge and enthusiasm to your health journey. Let’s make this journey fun, transformative, and full of belly-friendly adventures!


Vibrant Nutrition's owner and Food Foundations Program leader, Lisa Snowdon, has been featured in Foxtel, Cosmopolitan, and 6PR882 News Talk Radio
Lisa Snowdon Port Macquarie Nutritionist for IBS support and weight loss coaching

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Over 100 health-focused blog articles from the last 15 years of being a Clinical Nutritionist. Topics range from gut health, weight loss with the Metabolic Balance program, detoxing and healthy recipes. 

Discover if our weight loss coaching or IBS support programs are the perfect fit for your health goals by booking your free strategy session today!

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