Detox – Coming Off Your Detox

Coming Off Your Detox:Work Out The Habits To Keep


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Which of your new habits would you like to sustain?

  1. Alcohol. Have you found that coming off alcohol for a while has been easy and you’ve enjoyed it? If so you can keep going. If you’d really like to bring a moderate amount of alcohol back into your routine then stick to these guidelines:
    – Have 4 alcohol free days a week as a minimum.
    – No more than 2 glasses on the nights you do drink.
    – If having spirtis avoid the sugary mixers. Use soda or mineral water and fresh lemon or lime if appropriate.
  2. Coffee & caffeine. If you’ve found that stopping coffee and caffeine has improved your energy levels and made you less anxious then consider staying away. Alternatively reduce the amount of coffee you consume to 1 small coffee a day.
  3. Sugar. If you’ve noticed an improvement in your energy levels, your skin, mood and/or weight then you’ve experienced the benefits of a low sugar diet. Keep this habit up to keep getting the results.
  4. Gluten. Have you noticed a reduction in bloating and gas or those aches and pains you had have now disappeared then gluten or at least wheat may be the culprit. If you are going to stay away from wheat or gluten long-term it can be helpful to get some testing done to ensure you aren’t coeliac and see if you are perhaps sensitive to the fructans or fermentable component of wheat.
  5. Dairy. If you’re bowel movements have improved and gas and bloating have eased you may be lactose intolerant or find dairy protein hard to digest. You could try lactose free dairy products and see how you get on. Again, if you’d like to stay dairy free long-term you would benefit from an individual nutrition consultation so we can ensure you are having enough calcium in your diet and identify if it’s lactose or the milk protein that’s the problem so you know what dairy products may be fine for you.
  6. Artificial ingredients: flavours, colours, preservatives & sweeteners. There are no health benefits from consuming these artificial ingredients, so avoiding or keeping them low in your diet long-term can only have health benefits.

It’s important to come off any detox slowly to get long-term results. When you’ve eaten clean foods to detox your body, you need to be mindful about how you re-introduce foods so that you don’t shock your system. The body needs to adjust to the foods you re-introduce. Doing this well will give you improved long-term health and habits.

Then, after we get through the process of breaking a cleanse, we have a choice to make – Do we want to maintain the high we feel and keep nurturing our bodies, or will we return to a diet that might not have been supporting our health?

You may not be ready to become a raw-foodist and you may not want to be a vegetarian, but keeping cleansing, alkaline foods in your everyday diet is essential for optimum health. To maximise your results, have a positive impact on your health and stay on a weight loss eating plan it will help to stay away from these acid forming foods: