Detox – Mild Detox Phase

Mild Detox:Lead In & Lead Out Or Mild Phase Of Your Detox


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To optimise this phase of your detox you need to be organised

  1. Have you chosen your Mild Detox days? Put this in your calendar and stick to what you set. That means no negotiating with yourself and changing the plan. To feel great about your detox experience you need to stick to the rules. You can do it, it’s only 2 weeks in total.
  2. Print off the Mild Detox Phase Meal Plan and stick it on your fridge.
  3. If there are any meals that don’t suit you choose another option that fits within the detox rules.
  4. Write up your shopping list for the week.
  5. Do the shopping so you have plenty of healthy food on hand.
  6. The Mild Detox Phase allows fruit and oats as both of these are healthy foods for most people. We avoid fruit for the Deep Detox Phase because it is high sugar so your sugar cravings will likely remain if you swap your processed sugar foods for fruit. We avoid oats because we are going lower carb during the Deep Detox Phase, again to help knock the sugar cravings on the head for good.
  7. If you’d like to keep some natural yoghurt in this phase then stick to 1/2 a cup per day maximum. It needs to have no sugar or flavour added so a natural Greek yoghurt is OK. If you aren’t sure whether dairy works for you or not then avoid all dairy in both detox phases. This way when you reintroduce dairy it will be more obvious if you get any symptoms that you are better without it in your diet or you need to seek further help to confirm a problem.