Detox – Your Next Steps

Detox Complete:Where To Next?


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If You’d Like To Keep Getting Results With My Guidance There Are Several Options To Keep Working Together:

  1. My 12 Week Weight Loss Program. In this program we get to catch up every other week for coaching, support, accountability and information vital to weight loss. I also include meal plans, recipes and all the resources you need to achieve your long-term weight loss goals. By coming in to the clinic you can get on the body composition scales so we make sure you are dropping fat not muscle and tweak the plan if necessary.
  2. My Online 8 Week Road To Wellness Course. Similar to how the detox works but with new content delivered each week for the 8 weeks. I cover the main topics I’ve found are necessary to understand and implement to achieve long-term healthy weight loss. This is ideal for the self motivated and those that just need help with the information.
  3. Individual Nutrition Consultations. If you have other health complaints or feel you’d like to explore some Functional Medicine Testing to identify what the cause of your health imbalances are then book in for a Nutrition Consultation so we can work out what testing would be helpful, what food works for you and what food doesn’t and put a plan together for your healing.
  4. Schedule in another Back to Basics Detox. If you are healthy and felt that the detox was a useful tool to bring you back into balance, improve your energy and kick your sugar cravings then just set a date to do the Detox again. I like to detox for 2 weeks every 6 months, this helps me stay in balance and at my ideal weight. I usually do a detox in February once the kids are back at school and in September/October for Spring. Do it whenever it works for you.