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  • Let Me Ask You: Do You Struggle To Get Out Of Bed?
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  • And Why You Can’t Budge Weight - No Matter What You Do?
  • Do You Crave Sugar or Suffer Hard To Control Mood Swings?
The Answer Is Too Much Sugar & Processed, Chemical Laden Food!
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Between 1960 and 2000 people in the US reduced their fat intake by around 25%. But obesity levels DOUBLED!

Weren’t we told that reducing fats and cholesterol would keep us thin? Well I’m going to tell you why excess sugar is actually the real culprit behind the obesity crisis that’s engulfing Australia and the rest of the developed world.

1kg of sugar - every week!

According to figures presented to the 1997 Asia Pacific Sugar conference Australians consume 50kg of sugar a year – that’s 1 kg of sugar a week! A whopping 35 teaspoons a day. Europeans consume 40kg a year and Japan only 20kg a year. And 100 years ago, we were consuming only 1kg of sugar every year! No wonder we're all feeling so unwell most of the time!

Forget Fats. Excess Sugar & Refined Flour Products Are The Silent Killers

While we’re gripped with fear of fats and carbohydrates, sugar quietly goes about fuelling the obesity crisis. Our supermarket shelves scream “Low Fat” and “98% Fat Free” but these are the worst offenders. Because while they cut back on the fat, they pile in the sugars to make up for the taste. These low fat foods are meant to keep us slim but their high sugar content is causing us to stack on the weight.


But Is Sugar Really That Bad For You?

In Excess... Yes!

Why Sugar, Not Fat Is The Real Culprit Behind Obesity And Heart Disease

Fructose tricks your body into gaining weight because it’s not recognised by your body’s appetite control system. It doesn’t stimulate insulin, which means Ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) is not suppressed and it doesn’t stimulate leptin (the “satiety hormone”) which means we don’t feel full and keep eating.

Let’s put it this way. If you take a kid to McDonalds and give them a soft drink (which is loaded with sugar) they’ll actually eat more and more. And that’s because their body simply doesn’t register that it’s full.

But it gets worse... Because our bodies can’t process all the sugar we throw at it, it turns into fat (VLDL and triglycerides) which means more fat gets deposited throughout our bodies. And this is all new to modern medicine because our sugar consumption has surged forward at a rate we could never prepare for.

Let’s put it this way. If you take a kid to McDonalds and give them a soft drink (which is loaded with sugar) they’ll actually eat more and more. And that’s because their body simply doesn’t register that it’s full.

But it gets worse... Because our bodies can’t process all the sugar we throw at it, it turns into fat, which means more fat gets deposited throughout our bodies. And this is all new to modern medicine because our sugar consumption has surged forward at a rate we could never prepare for.

Heard enough? Get started on my whole food detox program immediately...

Think sugar is only responsible for obesity, heart disease and Type II Diabetes? Think again... Here are just some of the medical conditions caused by excess sugar consumption:


Drinking a can of soft drink causes as much damage to your liver as a can of beer. It causes fatty liver disease that raises your cholesterol and deactivates the substance which prevents high blood pressure.


According to the British Journal of Medicine, excessive sugar consumption raises your Uric Acid levels which has a destructive effect on your kidneys. It also contributes to high blood pressure because the small blood vessels in your kidney get damaged so your heart has to pump harder to get blood through them. Not only that, but the damage to your kidneys dramatically increases the likelihood of you suffering from kidney stones and gout.


According to PhD. Dr. Nancy Appleton’s research published in 'Lick The Sugar Habit' osteoporosis, arthritis and premature ageing can be directly attributed to excessive sugar consumption.


A study conducted by Professor Bart Hoebel at Princetown University concluded that sugar is addictive and causes an urge to binge. I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to this.


Further research by Dr Nancy Appleton has shown that sugar robs your body of vital minerals, which in turn are responsible for a whole other range of diseases.


Fructose increases uric acid in your blood, which increases your blood’s acidity level. In his landmark book Death By Deception: Unmasking Heart Failure Shannon Quinn explains the link between sugar, changing blood acidity and the various diseases it causes.

Acidic blood starves the muscles, tissues and organs because it can’t carry as much oxygen and nutrients as normal alkaline blood. This is what causes fatigue. But worse still it thickens the blood meaning your heart has to work harder to pump it. This is yet another cause of high blood pressure and heart failure.

Worst of all further studies show that acidic blood has been linked to a host of degenerative conditions such as other heart problems, diabetes, ulcers, gall stones, kidney stones and gout.


Recent research published in medical journals including Cancer Research, The National Cancer Institute and the European and International Journals of Epidemiology proves a direct link between sugar consumption and cancer.

According to one study “These findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation.” Essentially our excessive sugar consumption is causing a feeding frenzy for potentially cancerous cells.


New research out of Europe blames acidosis (thick acidic blood) -- not blocked arteries -- for causing heart attacks, high blood pressure and heart failure.



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Toxins in our Environment and our Bodies

Our food, water and atmosphere are loaded with toxic chemicals these days, many of which end up in our bodies. Fortunately our bodies are designed to deal with toxins and there shouldn’t be a need for us to do anything extra to get rid of them. However, the level of toxins we’re inundated with has reached crazy levels and joined with the fact that we’re eating so much processed and sugar laden food that add more stress on the body and fewer nutrients to aid detoxing, we need help.


Chemicals are widely used in crop and animal farming today to boost production. Pesticides are toxic chemicals that have been specifically designed to kill off agricultural pests. Many can cause problems if consumed by humans in large amounts and if you’re sensitive.

Antibiotics and hormones are also used to boost growth and cut down on the animals feed requirements. The more you consume the more problematic they can be. Some people are more sensitive than others to these chemicals but we’re all better off without them in our bodies.

How Detoxing gets rid of toxins in your body

Detoxes and cleanses come in all forms, from the extreme water fasts to eating only grapefruits. These methods can often cause more harm than good and that’s not what this is about. The program I’ve designed is about fresh, natural, whole food. Taking out the processed and sugary foods and adding in lots of fresh, colourful vegetables and quality protein required for detoxification. By taking away some of the daily insult of toxins and providing the body the resources it needs to detox naturally, you'll become more efficient at moving toxins out of your body and releasing them from your fat stores.

Where do our toxins come from?

External toxins come from air pollution, pesticides, food additives and preservatives, industrial toxins, cleaning products, personal care products (what we put on your skin and your hair gets absorbed into the body as well as what we eat and drink). Internal toxins are a result of normal metabolic processes that occur continuously.

What can you do about it?

Get Your Diet Back To Basics & Detox From Sugar

“Excessive sugar consumption has robbed too many people of their health and wellbeing. It’s time to regain your life…for the long-term” Lisa Snowdon

This completely natural detox does not require supplements, meal replacements or protein shakes, nor does it limit your food intake.

This complete program is hosted in a 'members only' section of our website and is supported by Lisa personally via daily emails, over 70 healthy recipes, instructional guides, nutritional information and many more bonuses.

Here's What The Back to Basics Detox Can Do For You:

  1. Give you back the energy that excess sugar has stolen from you all your life. And if you’ve been under the evil spell of sugar all your life I bet you don’t even know how much energy you could have. You'll be feeling like a teenager again! Better still you’ll find yourself needing less sleep!
  2. Reduce your sugar addiction and get the chance to lead a normal, healthy life. You’ll stop sugar cravings and be in control of what you put into your body.
  3. Boost your immune system to reduce the number of colds and illnesses you get. Sugar knocks impacts your immune system, so once you create balance in your diet, your body will be primed to fight off any disease that comes your way.
  4. Most people lose weight in the program plus set themselves up for easy weight loss going forward, simply by breaking their sugar addiction.
  5. Clear your brain fog so you make better decisions with improved clarity.
  6. Stop those mood swings. Sugar has a dramatic effect on our emotions. Eliminating it will stop those inexplicable mood swings and give you greater control over your emotions.
  7. Give you far better skin without expensive and toxic lotions or pills. Excess sugar and refined flour are responsible for so much damage to your body. Reduce them and your skin will glow and your overall appearance will improve dramatically. Who’d have thought that this simple change to your lifestyle could have a bigger effect on your appearance than the most expensive skin creams?
  8. Teach you how to eat a 'Real Food' diet and how great you'll feel when eating this way.

The Back to Basics Detox Breaks Your Dependency On Sugar

This program has been specifically designed to reduce your dependence on sugar.

You see, I put it together so you have everything you need. Instructions, daily emails, meal plans and recipes to help you along the way.

And once you get over the cravings you’ll find yourself wanting better, healthier food because you almost get addicted to your new found energy and youthfulness.

What You Get In The Back to Basics Detox Program

1. The Back To Basics Detox Manual

My Detox Guide contains everything you need to know to detox from sugar, get back in control of your diet by eating real food and feel fantastic.
I include what foods to eat, which ones to avoid, sample meal plans and recipes and years worth of advice and suggestions.

2. Daily emails

To keep you motivated and on track.

These emails provide interesting facts and advice on various areas of detoxing.

3. The Ultimate List of Foods

Listing the food you can eat plus the foods to avoid. This simple list will change your life. Whenever you feel the need to get your body back into balance and get back into fat burning mode you can follow the recommendations in these lists. Not only do they help with weight loss but they are the most likely foods people are intolerant to and so by avoiding them you may notice a reduction in bloating and digestive symptoms.

4. Detox Tools

To help you track what you eat, the changes in your appearance and energy levels.Tracking your progress is both motivating and inspiring.

5. Delicious Recipes

That will help you feel great and lose weight. And they’re so tasty your whole family will love them, even your kids.

All of these recipes can be used once you’ve finished the detox to carry on your good work.

6. My Back to Basics Detox Meal Plan & Recipe Book

12 days worth of meals planned out for you. So if you just want to be told what to eat to get results you can follow this to the letter. Planning is key to your success when detoxing but I’ve done all the work for you.

It’s not just about what you eat, what you put on your skin and use in your environment is also very relevant to your health, your weight loss and your energy. This guide helps you get clear on the personal care products you should be avoiding and safer alternatives.

Will you live off lentils and beans?

You’re going to be surprised how ‘normal’ your meals are. In fact, many of the recipes are ones you’re probably cooking for your family right now, perhaps with a few minor tweaks.

The Back To Basics Detox Is A 100% Risk Free Investment In Your Health
Covered By My Money Back GUARANTEE

After 7 years running this detox many people have experienced fantastic results. I know the strategies you'll learn in this program work and will be available for you to use for life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

That's why I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If, after a month in the program, you decide it's not for you, I'll refund the complete fee - no hard feelings.

That's how confident I am that this program gets results.



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