Alkaline 7 Day Meal Plan & Recipes


7-Day Alkaline Food Focused Meal Plan & Recipes with Prep Guide.

This is a meal plan that focuses on alkaline food choices. It is a vegetarian plan but not because you need to eat 100% vegetarian to be more alkaline but because it’s more alkaline to eat vegetarian so adding some of these meals to your diet will make it more alkalising.

Typically I encourage 2/3 alkaline foods and 1/3 can be acid forming foods. It’s about balance and taking the stress off your system, not only eating alkaline foods. An alkaline diet can help with weight loss, aches & pains, energy levels and bone health.

This plan includes the 7-day plan, 21 recipes plus 7 drink recipes, and shopping list for the week. A meal prep guide is also included so you can follow the steps to be organised for the week. Where possible we cook once and eat twice to make it more practical and save time. 

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