Ultimate Sugar Detox

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Reset your Diet to Get Rid of Cravings, Boost Energy, Lose Weight and Feel Amazing!

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Here's what's included...

1. The Sugar Detox Manual
My 48 page guide that contains everything you need to know to detox from sugar and processed foods, get back in control of your body and feel fantastic.

Including what foods to eat, which ones to avoid, sample meal plans and years worth of advice and suggestions.

2. Daily Support Emails
To keep you motivated and on track. These emails provide interesting facts and advice on various areas of detoxing, giving you the perfect level of support and guidance.

3. The Ultimate List of Foods
Listing the food you can eat plus the foods you must avoid. This simple list will change your life.

Whenever you feel the need to get your body back into balance and get back into fat burning mode you can follow the recommendations in this list.

4. Detox Tools and Success Journal
To help you track what you eat, the changes in your appearance and energy levels.Tracking your progress is both motivating and inspiring.

5. Delicious Recipes
That will help you feel great and lose weight. And they’re so tasty your whole family will love them, even your kids. All of these recipes can be used once you’ve finished the detox to carry on your good work.

6. My Detox Meal Plan & Recipe Book
12 days worth of meals planned out for you. So if you just want to be told what to eat to get results you can follow this to the letter. Planning is key to your success when detoxing but I’ve done all the work for you.

7. Guide to Toxins
It’s not just about what you eat, what you put on your skin and use in your environment is also very relevant to your health, your weight loss and your energy.

This guide helps you get clear on the personal care products you should be avoiding and safer alternatives.

8. Facebook Page
Access to me on the Facebook page all our members hang out and share recipes and ideas to detox even more effectively.

If you have any questions about the detox or your health during the 19 days, this is where I’ll answer them for you. Making this an invaluable resource.

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