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Clinical Nutritionist Melbourne - Lisa Snowdon

Are you in search of a reliable and knowledgeable Nutritionist in Melbourne? Look no further, as Vibrant Nutrition has got you covered!

With over 14 years of experience in a private clinic setting, Lisa Snowdon is a highly skilled nutritionist who is now accepting clients from Melbourne, in addition to her Sydney practice. Specialising in digestive disorders like IBS and SIBO, blood sugar issues, sugar addiction, and weight loss, Lisa is also proficient in lowering cholesterol levels naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes. As a certified Metabolic Balance practitioner, she offers personalised weight loss plans for lasting success and optimal health.

Through her online programs, Lisa delivers practical advice on the right foods to eat and those to avoid for achieving a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and overall well-being. Lisa is available for one-on-one Nutrition Consultations, designed to help people transform their habits and behaviour around food and eating patterns. Her Nutrition programs and consultations can be accessed online, over the phone, or via Zoom, offering flexibility and convenience to clients on their journey towards better health.

Melbourne Nutritionist - Why Choose Us?

  • Experience - Lisa has over 14 years practice experience and is a specialist in her choose fields of digestive health, weight loss, sugar addiction and Epstein-Barr or chronic viral issues. Lisa is a Monash certified Nutritionist so can help you implement a low FODMAP diet & reintroduction & personalisation process.
  • Flexibility - As well as seeing clients face to face, Lisa consults via phone and video calls for those who prefer it or are located too far from her clinics or are located overseas.
  • Online Programs - Lisa has developed online programs for weight loss using the Metabolic Balance framework, sugar detox, how to implement a low FODMAP diet and her Gut Fix Program for clients with IBS, IBD, SIBO, histamine intolerance and other digestive issues.
  • Featured on Foxtel - Lisa has also been featured on Foxtel as a guest nutritional expert.
  • Testimonials - Click through for client results.

Connect with Lisa

Appointments can be made via the phone number 1300 16 75 72 or via email: [email protected]

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Vibrant Nutrition

Port Macquarie: 41 Bourne Street Port Macquarie NSW 2444 | Tel: 1300 16 75 72

Sydney: 32 Delhi Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 | Tel: 1300 16 75 72

Virtual Nutrition Consults via Zoom: All other locations can be serviced via Zoom calls.

Email: [email protected]

Lisa Snowdon Clinical Nutritionist Melbourne

Lisa Snowdon Clinical Nutritionist Sydney & Port Macquarie
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