Meet Lisa Snowdon – Clinical Nutritionist

Meet Lisa

If you constantly find yourself stuck in rut of wanting to resolve your health or weight issues but just can’t quite get started or struggle with sticking to a plan for more than a few weeks, You’re Not Alone!

Vibrant Nutrition's owner and Food Foundations Program leader, Lisa Snowdon, has been featured in Foxtel, Cosmopolitan, and 6PR882 News Talk Radio

What I love about being a Clinical Nutritionist is helping people like you stop suffering from bloating, fatigue, brain fog, weight loss confusion, and more.

I give you support and guidance and a clearer picture of what’s going on and what you can do about it. We'll really address the underlying causes of your different ailments, rather than masking the symptoms.

Using a combination of specialist tools like blood analysis, functional medicine, weight loss coaching, personalised nutrition, and the Metabolic Balance® diet, we can figure out what’s blocking your progress.

We offer IBS support for those struggling with digestive issues such as SIBO and IBS. We use a comprehensive approach that includes the low FODMAP diet, recognised for its effectiveness in significantly reducing symptoms of IBS by identifying and eliminating trigger foods.

This dietary strategy, coupled with our functional medicine tests, allows us to provide a personalised plan that not only addresses your symptoms but also promotes long-term digestive health and overall wellness.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet plan that works for everyone...

So, I provide tailored nutrition programs to determine the best food choices based on each client's unique biochemistry and situation. Finally having the list of foods that truly fuel and nourish you is priceless in your health journey. So is knowing which foods are taking away from your health so you can avoid then limit them, helping you regain balance and get results. 

Vibrant Nutrition Parsley for the metabolic balance diet

There is so much that can be done to enhance well-being using the greatest medicine known to us – food!

I’m so grateful that I now spend my days showing people how to address their health challenges from the root causes. To stop avoiding and procrastinating on the thing that’s been blocking their weight loss success. 

If you’ve been dreaming of dropping those excess kilos, having more energy and self-confidence, improving digestion with more enthusiasm for life, there is a solution.

Lisa Snowdon Canberra Nutritionist

Let's Work Together

12-Week Fuel & Nourish with Metabolic Balance® Program

This is a long-term weight loss solution with personalised nutrition from a blood test.

 Gut Fix Program

Finding the cause of your digestive symptoms and working through the steps to heal and rebalance.

Hi, I'm Lisa

And not that long ago I was stuck like you.

Lisa Snowdon Clinical Nutritionist Sydney & Port Macquarie

With a love of travelling...

Through my 20s I picked up a parasite and that started my own journey with IBS and SIBO. Our experiences teach us a lot when it comes to health.

The next occurrence...

Of a host of horrible symptoms was when I moved into a mouldy house. There was no visible mould and no smell of mould but as my symptoms mounted, I put myself through every test I could think of. I suffered migraines, fatigue, brain fog, nausea, low blood pressure, the list goes on.

I realised...

I needed help through this journey. Seeking support and guidance through my recovery was so important. I felt so much better being coached and held accountable by someone else. This is why I love to be the person supporting and guiding others.

Moving from that mouldy house addressed the cause, but I was left with a gluten and histamine intolerance. This gave me a true understanding of the challenges of having to change my mindset around foods that don’t work for me.

Now, I help others do the same.

My Approach

When it comes to diet and personalised nutrition, I have embraced the Metabolic Balance® program to identify the foods that fuel and nourish each individual from their blood results. It allows me to guide my clients with a very specific and unique plan to bring them back to balance with real, whole foods.

Nutrition Training & Qualifications

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (2009)

Transformational Coaching Method

Life Coach

Natural Gastrointestinal Masterclass 1 with Jason Hawrelek

Hompes Method Functional Medicine Course

Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics with Seeking Health

Epstein-Barr Virus Educational Institute – EBV Training for Health Professionals

Natural Gastrointestinal Masterclass 2 with Jason Hawrelek

SIBO Masterclass with Nirala Jacobi of

Monash Uni's The Low FODMAP Diet For IBS

Metabolic Balance® Practitioner Training

I'm a Clinical Nutritionist North Ryde & Port Macquarie

And many others - Continuing education is a prerequisite of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the professional association I belong to, as well as being a vital part of continually increasing my knowledge base to support my clients.

I am available for Virtual Nutrition Consultations, via Zoom or the phone, so that we can work together to transform your habits and behaviour around food wherever you’re based.

Client of Lisa Snowdon and Vibrant Nutrition

I certainly reached my goal in terms of weight loss. I feel really good about my body.

Lisa’s knowledge of food and what’s in it is amazing.  I thought my choice of food and diet was pretty good, but she re-educated me.  It’s amazing what great results you can get from small changes - if everyone visited Lisa, (and listened to her!), there would be a lot more healthy, happy and energetic people in the world - well Sydney anyway!

I certainly reached my goal in terms of weight loss. I feel really good about my body and people have complimented me a lot at how much better I look.  My clothes are falling off me so I have to go shopping! Thanks so much Lisa.

Diane Martin

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