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Specialist Programs for IBS, SIBO, Digestive Disorders, Weight Loss and Detox

Functional Testing

Getting a biological test helps us determine the very best treatment plan to address your health issue. Perhaps you are struggling with digestive symptoms, losing weight or unrelenting fatigue. Clinical Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon interprets a number of diagnostic tests that help benchmark current levels of health and clarify appropriate treatment options.

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Detox Program

Wondering why you struggle to get out of bed, why your energy levels are so low... and why you can’t budge weight - no matter what you do? Addressing your sugar addiction is going to help you look and feel better than you have in years. The answer is online Nutritionist Lisa's Back to Basics Sugar Detox Program.

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Road To Wellness Program

Get on The Road to Wellness - 8 weeks to a new you! Learn how to be Healthy, Slim & Fabulous with online Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon's Audios, Action Steps, eBooks and Recipes. Feeling truly well isn't just about food, we need to learn how to manage stress, move more, eat for energy, understand our blocks.

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 SIBO, IBS and Digestive Symptoms

A great many people suffer from SIBO, IBS and/or Digestive Symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, reflux or pain. If you've been diagnosed with IBS and told there's nothing else you can do, don't lose hope, book in for a FREE Strategy Session and Lisa will go through how she can help. Lisa specialises in helping people suffering from SIBO, IBS and Digestive Symptoms and has a proven track record of getting great results for her clients.

Weight Loss

Looking to reach your ideal weight? Lisa has been helping clients with weight loss for many years and works closely with her clients to achieve the results they are looking for.  She covers both diet advise and behavioural changes that help keep you on track. Weight loss is about so much more than just being told what to eat, most people see Lisa for the accountability, support and mindset shifts they get along with the meal plans, recipes and food advise.

Online Programs

Road To Wellness

This is so much more than just a weight loss program. Called the Road To Wellness because when we upgrade out food choices, bring in some exercise, learn to manage stress better, improve our sleep quality we improve our health in so many ways. Your skin looks better, you have more energy, you feel better in yourself, your moods are more positive and more stable, PLUS you learn to eat for permanent, healthy, weight loss. No need for other diets, just sensible, balanced eating.

Detox Program - Back To Basics Reset

My Back To Basics Detox Program is all about stripping out the processed, refined foods and getting back to real foods. Weight loss is part of the process but more importantly you'll start to listen to how your body responds to different foods and without certain foods in your diet for a short period of time. This is either a great kick-start to weight loss and getting healthier or I use it twice a year to rebalance, kick the sugar cravings and get Back To Basics with my diet.

About Sydney Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon

Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon

Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon

Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon

Hi - I'm Lisa - a nutritionist based in Sydney, Australia. Having completed my studies I founded Vibrant Nutrition - a nutrition practiced based in Sydney. I specialise in helping people with SIBO, IBS and digestive symptoms as well as helping clients achieve their ideal weight and those looking to improve their diet by healthy eating.

Although my practice is in Sydney where clients can meet with me face to face, I also consult by phone and Skype, which suits many of my clients who are based outside of Sydney and even some of the ones close by.

You'll also find my online courses in detox and weight loss right here on this website. I like to offer my clients flexible appointment options so you can choose the most convenient ways to connect. It also means I can treat clients from around Australia and beyond.

Like to find out more? Why not phone or enquire online or even book a free 20min strategy session at a time convenient to you.

From our Digestive Health Blog...

Prebiotics & Probiotics part 2

By Cindy | 07 Oct 2019

I’m sure that this month you’re curious to know a little more about pre & probiotics, now that you know that they help to maintain your happy and healthy gut. Remember that probiotics are live bacteria that live in your intestinal system. Keeping your immune system balanced, working well and, therefore, your health in tip-top…

Pre & Probiotics

By Lisa Snowdon | 03 Sep 2019

I’m sure that you’ve all heard about pre and probiotics at some point in your life. And I’m also sure that you’re all wondering “what does this all mean for my gut?” and, “What is the difference between the two?” Well, in this month’s post I’ll be telling you all about them. Then I’ll follow it…

Histamine Intolerance Part 2

By Lisa Snowdon | 06 Aug 2019

Last month we looked at what histamine intolerance is. Put simply, it’s when your body is flooded with histamine. This is something that has been happening over time – it didn’t happen overnight. Then, you eat something that is really high in histamine, you are under extreme stress or you’re just under the weather. This…

Histamine Intolerance

By Lisa Snowdon | 15 Jul 2019

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at histamine. What it is, how it affects you, and what you can do to manage it naturally. Let’s begin by looking at the difference between an intolerance and an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is when the body naturally responds to an external…

Functional Medicine

By Lisa Snowdon | 12 Jul 2017

Functional Medicine Puts The Focus On Your Whole Body, Not Just Part Of It Functional medicine is the amalgamation of conventional western medicine and natural medicine, in order to provide the best healing outcome theoretically possible. The Foundation Of Functional Medicine Now, there are six primary values functional medicine is founded on, and they are:…

From our Healthy Weight Loss Blog...

Weight Loss Blockers

By Lisa Snowdon | 14/08/2017

What is blocking your weight loss Over the years I’ve been helping people with weight loss I’ve found that about 1/3 of my clients just need their diets tweaked so they are eating healthy, balanced meals and they’ll achieve a weight loss result that they can maintain. Whether its ideas they need, practical tips on…

5 Tips To Clean Up Your Diet

By Lisa Snowdon | 17/06/2017

Healthy Living Tip #1 Prep your meals The phrase ‘fail to prepare then prepare to fail’ certainly applies when it comes to staying on track with your healthy eating. If you’re really planning on cleaning up your diet, then preparation is the key to success! There is an abundance of evidence which indicates that dedicating…

Meal Planning

By Lisa Snowdon | 13/02/2017

How Meal Planning can help you get Healthy & Save Money After a long day, coming home and thinking of what to throw together to create a delicious meal can feel like a daunting task. We often push cooking and eating healthily to the bottom of the priority list. This is where meal planning comes…

Portion Size Guidelines

By Lisa Snowdon | 24/09/2015

Portion Control Portion size guidelines are important whether you are trying to lose or maintain your weight or simply want to eat in a way that helps you remain healthy. The size of your portions is one of the keys to maintaining your health and a healthy relationship with food. The Right Portion Starts With…

Is It Time To Detox?

By Lisa Snowdon | 17/10/2014

Detoxification is a process that your body undertakes every day to help eliminate toxins and restore a healthy balance. Your body is constantly exposed to toxins from the external world, as well as those created within. The human body is amazing in the way that it has evolved since prehistoric times to adjust to the…

Heard enough? Are you ready to take control of your health once and for all?

Lisa offers a complimentary 20 minute phone strategy session where she finds out more about your individual situation and health goals and discusses the steps you can take to achieve them. 

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