Functional Lab Tests

Functional Lab Testing & Treatment Plans

Want to find out where you stand with your health right now – Lisa  interprets a number of diagnostic tests, including functional medicine and standard blood tests, for clients that help benchmark and measure current levels of health and wellness. There are other tests available to us but these are the ones Lisa uses on a regular basis. Just click on the links below to be taken to the tests you want to know more about.

We will only recommend diagnostic tests when we feel that it will provide significant information that will benefit your health outcomes. We will always let you know whether a test is available through your GP on Medicare, prior to recommending private laboratory testing.

Although the initial cost of some functional lab tests may be quite high, test results enable us to put together a program that is targeted and specific to your needs – this often means that your goals are reached much more quickly. All tests incur additional charges payable directly to the pathology lab.

Functional lab test options from a functional medicine practitioner Sydney
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