Functional Medicine Tests

Uncover the Root Causes of Your Health Issues with Our Functional Medicine Tests

Welcome to our clinic, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive functional medicine testing to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns. Our approach goes beyond treating symptoms; we aim to discover and address the core issues that disrupt your health.

Under the guidance of Lisa, our clinical nutritionist & functional medicine practitioner, we offer a variety of tests tailored to your specific health needs. These include conventional blood tests, gut microbiome analysis, DUTCH hormone panels, and more. Each selected for their effectiveness in revealing critical health insights that can lead to meaningful interventions.

By focusing on the root causes of illness through detailed functional testing, we help you achieve not just temporary relief, but lasting health changes. Explore our testing options and take a vital step towards enhanced health and vitality today.

Functional lab test options from a functional medicine practitioner Sydney
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