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Meal Planning

By planning your meals you can save money and become healthier. Thinking about what you are going to eat in advance gives you the chance to be organised with the ingredients you need to make a healthy and balanced meal. It also allows you the time to think about the kinds of food you (and your family) enjoy and would like to prepare. Being organised is key to quick weight loss.

Download my meal planner and try planning for a week to see if it helps you eat more healthily, makes meals less stressful and saves you money. Try getting together as a family (if you have one) and write down the favourite meal ideas, this should help with the weekly plan. Once you’ve completed your weekly meal planner you can complete the shopping list and you are done.

For more help with meal planning book an appointment with Lisa Snowdon, a Licensed Nutritionist - 0423 761 247.


The Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner to get organised and stick on your fridge.

Weekly Meal Planner (1894 downloads )


The Menu Ideas Planner

Menu Ideas Planner to brainstorm ideas for your healthy, favourite meals

Menu Ideas Planner (1819 downloads )

Food Diary / Diet Diary

A food or diet diary is a very effective tool to help you determine if your current eating habits are healthy. A food diary will help you (or me if you need the help of a Clinical Nutritionist) understand where your diet goes wrong.

It can also help clarify if you are getting enough fruit, vegetables, whole grains, quality protein & healthy fats each day and help you keep your carbs-fat-protein ratios in healthy portions.


Diet Diary

Download my food diary template or diet diary template if you want to see patterns in your food consumption, record what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad in some way. Also if you are coming in for an appointment and would like to have your diet assessed for deficiencies and imbalances.

Diet Diary (1725 downloads )

Once you have printed off the food diary you can start recording. Don’t try and remember what you ate yesterday as it’s very easy to forget the details. Start on a new day and record all food and drink that you consume, even water. Update the diary as you eat during the day. It can be difficult to remember what you eat and how you felt if you only make entries at the end of the day.

Be specific. The way a food is prepared and what it is eaten with is important. For example, was it fried or grilled, what types of vegetables were served and what went into the salad.

Note the time of day and approximate portion size. Observe energy levels, mood and any digestive symptoms you may feel during the day in the comments field.

A three day food diary is a good start but one week is better and two makes it more accurate. Choose a week when you are following your normal routine and don’t make changes to the food you choose just because you are recording it. Use the food diary on at least one weekend day as we tend to eat differently on the weekends.

Record your exercise type and duration to make an accurate assessment of what you do in a week. It’s very easy to overestimate the amount of exercise we do and can be an eye opener to have it written down.

Be honest! It’s important to record everything you consume otherwise the assessment won’t be accurate.

See this process as enjoyable and a way to improve your alkaline diet, nutrition intake, health and eating habits.

Setting and Defining your Health Goals

The first step to starting a leaner, healthier lifestyle is to set and write down what you want to achieve.

Why is this so important?

Your goals give you something concrete to aim for - they set your intention. If your focus is on achieving certain goals, and your actions correspond to them, you will achieve those goals. What you place your focus upon, you will achieve.


Goal Setting Worksheet

Download this Goal Setting Worksheet to help you get started.

Goal Setting Worksheet (1770 downloads )

If you need further assistance with getting clear on what you are looking to achieve then see our Gut Fix Program for digestive health issues or our Fuel & Nourish with Metabolic Balance Program for those looking for a personalised nutrition solution to lose weight and reach optimum health.

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