Reclaim Your Zest For Life With My 7-Step Process To Restoring Your Gut Health

Whether you’ve had your symptoms for years or you are new to the journey of bloating, reflux, tummy pain, constipation and diarrhoea, the steps to restoring your gut health are the same. The difference is in the level of support, clarity and guidance you might need to reach your end goal.

Lisa works with clients just like you to find the cause of their digestive symptoms, then find the best personalised solutions that help them regain their health.

We have 2 packages to work with Lisa on your digestive symptoms - WHICH NUTRITION PACKAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Option 1:
8 Week Gut Rebalancing Package

This is suitable if you're just starting out on your gut healing journey. Four 30 minute nutrition consults covering the steps below. 

We'll be covering:

  • Whether the Low FODMAP diet or my Gut Reset Elimination diet is most likely to relieve your symptoms.
  • Testing options and if they're necessary for you.
  • Individualised supplement plan for each step, if relevant to you.
  • Your long term maintenance plan to keep symptoms away.
  • You'll get my stress management program so you can experiment with which tools work best for you. Stress exacerbates most people's digestive symptoms.
  • Online resources to help you navigate each step we feel is relevant to your gut healing journey.

Book a Free phone strategy session to find out if my simple case 4 consult package is right for you.

Option 2:
4 Month Total Gut Restoration Package

This is suitable if you are a more complex case, are ready for testing or just prefer a higher level of support and accountability. Includes nine nutrition consults over 4 months.

We'll be covering:

  • Which of the many elimination diets are most appropriate to you to remove your food triggers.
    - Low FODMAP
    - Low Histamine
    - Low Sulphur
    - SIBO/Biphasic Diet
    - RPA Elimination diet (salicylates, glutamates & amines)
    - Low oxalates
    - Specific carbohydrate diet
  • Testing will be an important part of our journey together. If you've already tried diet solutions or your ready to find what's causing your symptoms this is key. The gut isn't irritable for no reason, so lets find out what's causing yours to be.
  • Supplements always speed up the healing and rebalancing process in your gut. You'll have access to top quality Practitioner supplements at each step.
  • You'll get my stress management program so you can experiment with which tools work best for you. Stress exacerbates most people's digestive symptoms.
  • Reintroduction and personalisation of your diet when ready.
  • Microbiome rebalancing with food, fibre and supplements if necessary.
  • Direct Feedback & Support Via Email for 4 Months
  • 1 hour Initial Consult with Lisa via Zoom
  • 8 Follow Up Consults with Lisa via Zoom  over 4 months
  • If you have other health issues and goals you’d like to achieve in this period we'll incorporate those as well.

My Total Gut Restoration Package requires a Strategy Session to ensure we’re the right fit. Click below to book your free Strategy Phone Call.

Who am I to be telling you all this?

My name is Lisa Snowdon and I'm a qualified nutritionist and functional health practitioner specialising in IBS, SIBO and Digestive health. Over the last 11 years years I've treated hundreds of clients suffering gut related issues. Here’s what I’ve learnt...

In order to have the highest chance to achieve lasting improvement to your digestive health and overall quality of life you need to follow the 7 step process outlined below. 

So what are the steps - read on to find out more...


The 7 Steps To Restoring Gut Health

Step 1: Remove Dietary Triggers

The first step in the gut healing process is to stop throwing fuel on the fire and remove potential dietary triggers. There are several elimination diets I use for this and the right one depends on your symptoms, what you’ve tried before and if you’ve already been given a specific diagnosis like IBS.

You’ll be provided with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and instructions for whichever diet is most appropriate to you.

Step 2: Testing

If you’ve been on the gut healing journey for a while and you feel you’ve tried elimination diets before and they haven’t given you much improvement, or you’re ready to learn what’s really going on in your gut it’s time for testing. There are various tests that help us work out what’s contributing to your symptoms.

Tests I often use are looking for SIBO, parasites, bacterial dysbiosis (imbalance), immune and inflammatory markers, functional GIT markers, worms, fungi and yeast, bacterial pathogens and viral pathogens.

If you’re ready for answers you can join either of my digestion support packages below so we can start some testing.

Step 3: Rebalancing With Supplements

Once we’ve identified the symptom triggers through an elimination diet or testing we can start using supplements in each stage of the rebalancing plan. If relevant you’ll be prescribed practitioner grade supplements. If you’ve already done testing or you’ve had success with an elimination diet but still have some symptoms I'll help you dig deeper into what could be going on. I’ll review your diet, your history and your results before we start to address symptoms with supplements.

Step 4: Addressing Lifestyle Factors That Affect Your Gut

Many of you will already know that stress impacts your gut symptoms. So do other lifestyle factors like sleep, not enough or too much exercise, slowing down to breathe and eat mindfully.

We can’t underestimate the impact non-dietary factors have on symptoms and healing. If you know you need to slow down and improve some of your daily habits to better manage your symptoms I have you covered in my Stress Management Program. You get access to this online program with either package.

Step 5: Challenge & Reintroduction Of Foods

Elimination diets are not for the long-term. We want to go through a challenge phase to work out if you can now tolerate a food that previously caused you problems or if it still causes problems and you need to stay away from it for longer.  I step you through the process whichever elimination diet you've been on.

Following this step properly means you'll know your individual tolerance for each food group. This information is powerful and will help you keep your symptoms under control for the future. It's important not to stay more restrictive than necessary for long-term digestive health.

Step 6: Optimising Your Microbiome For Long-Term Gut Health

Whether you only need to work through the diet steps or you’ve been through each of the above steps, we need to optimize your microbiome and restore balance. This will help with daily healthy bowel movements and keeping symptoms at bay.

These steps help benefit anybody, even if you aren’t suffering digestive issues or if you only have the occasional bloating. Optimizing our microbiome helps with overall health, your immune system, energy levels, skin health, weight management, mood and more. There are many studies linking healthy gut bacteria to areas of health outside the gut. This is the most important step to creating long-lasting symptom relief.

Step 7: Individualised Nutritionist Support

Some people have other conditions and issues that can complicate their health picture. If this is you other areas of your health need to be considered at the same time. This requires more time, testing, support and research so you’re encouraged to join me on the full 4 Month Total Gut Restoration Program for answers.

Alternatively, you may just want a higher level of  support and guidance through the steps above because it’s time sort your symptoms out for good and you’re ready to commit. My 4 Month program also includes email support in between consults to answer any of your questions, relieve any anxiety you have around your symptoms and the process and hold you accountable to seeing everything through to the end.

To identify which package is right for you, please book a Strategy Call below

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