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If you’re looking for a Nutritionist in Brisbane then Vibrant Nutrition is the answer!

Qualified and experienced nutritionist Lisa Snowdon is currently practicing virtually and all appointments are using Zoom or phone. This is a safe, practical and convenient way to see a nutritionist that saves the hassle of parking and travel time. 

Lisa specialises in digestive disorders like IBS, SIBO, blood sugar issues and sugar addiction, weight loss using Metabolic Balance® and in lowering cholesterol levels naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes. Lisa also runs online programs to help implement a low FODMAP diet and sugar detox.

If you're looking to improve bowel function a Nutritionist can help. Irritable bowel syndrome can be helped by finding the underlying cause and stopping IBS pain. If you have current abdominal pain and have been diagnosed with IBS a low FODMAP diet can improve bowel habits.

Lisa is available for one on one Nutrition Consultations to help people transform their habits and behaviour around food and their eating patterns. Her Nutrition programs and consultations can be taken over the phone and via Zoom. 

Brisbane Nutritionist - Why Choose Us?

  • Experience - Lisa has over 12 years practice experience and is a specialist in her choose fields of digestive health, weight loss, sugar addiction and Epstein-Barr or chronic viral issues. She specialises in lifestyle changes as well as dietary modifications.
  • Flexibility - Lisa consults via phone and video calls (Zoom) this saves travel time, stress of parking and if you are located too far from her clinics or are located overseas it's perfect.
  • Online Programs - Lisa has developed online programs for weight loss, sugar detox, implementing a low FODMAP diet and is actively developing additional programs for her digestive health clientele. 
  • Featured on Foxtel - Lisa has also been featured on Foxtel as a guest nutritional expert. 
  • Testimonials - Click through for client results.

Connect with Lisa

Appointments can be made via the phone number 1300 16 75 72 or via email: [email protected]

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Vibrant Nutrition

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Other locations: Virtual Consults via Zoom or the phone.

Email: [email protected]

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