Lisa Snowdon

Lisa is a highly skilled Functional Nutritionist who specialises in addressing digestive disorders, such as IBS, IBD, and SIBO. With a focus on personalised care, Lisa helps clients overcome blood sugar challenges and achieve sustainable weight loss using the Metabolic Balance framework. Her passion for natural healing also extends to helping clients lower cholesterol levels through dietary and lifestyle changes. With years of experience and a commitment to ongoing education and research, Lisa is dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellness. Lisa is available for one on one Nutrition Consultations, via Zoom or the phone, to help people transform their habits and behaviour around food and their eating patterns.
Healthy leafy vegetables recommended by alternative health practitioner

Discover Leafy Greens: Nutrition Powerhouses Explained

The Wonders of Leafy Green Vegetables Welcome to the world of leafy green vegetables, an untapped treasure trove of nutrition, health benefits, and culinary versatility! These vibrant, nutrient-dense powerhouses play a crucial role in our diets, contributing to our well-being in more ways than one. From spinach and kale to

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Holistic Health Word Cloud for clinical nutritionist

Holistic Nutrition & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Holistic Nutrition: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness Holistic nutrition embodies a belief that the human body, both physically and emotionally, thrives on a diet that is properly balanced. A well-rounded diet not only enhances our daily lives but can also prevent a myriad of health issues down

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