On the road a lot, or working shifts? Healthy eating in these situations can be challenging, especially with the fast food choices available today. Here’s my Top Ten list of healthy travel foods to eat while you are on the road.

When we are busy it’s easy to go too long without eating food, this will throw off your blood sugar balance. When we do this we are much more likely to make bad food choices when we finally realise how hungry we really are. While travelling long distances by car or spending time in airports or on planes we tend to eat out of boredom. Having some healthy eating snacks to hand reduces the chance of reaching for sugar-laden or fast food options.

These healthy travel foods will help you stop sugar cravings, boost your energy levels, lose weight & feel great!

1.   Sprouted bread with almond or cashew butter and sliced dried prunes or figs
2.   Veggie Surprise – cut carrots, cucumbers, celery, sugar snap peas, and capsicum
3.   Fruit (cherries, plums, apples, pears, bananas, whatever you love!)
4.   Hard-boiled eggs
5.   Raw nuts, any kind
6.   Plain yoghurt with fresh berries
7.   Hummus with veggies or flax crackers
8.   Dolmas (rice-stuffed vine leaves in olive oil in a can)
9.   Canned tuna, salmon or sardines on crackers
10.  Raw fudge balls (see recipe)

Being organised is key to staying healthy and keeping on track with your diet when you have to travel a lot. It’s a good idea to keep a small pot of nuts or a raw bar in your bag for those unplanned delays or meetings that go on too long. A piece of fruit can also be ideal and an apple will last in your car or bag until it’s needed.

If you need more ideas on healthy eating on-the-go or how to eat healthily while at a restaurant then find out more about my Nutrition Consultations and Wellness Program.

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