Let’s face it – we’re busy people! Healthy eating, especially when you’re away from your house, isn’t always that easy. A flight for work, a busy day of errands, a road trip to a friend’s house, back-to-back meetings, a weekend away with someone special…. We’ve got places to go and things to do. So how do we fuel ourselves well & maintain healthy eating when we’re on the road?

It’s easy! Just remember your “QTQs”. Nope, that’s not a stock symbol for a high-tech company. “QTQ” stands for Quality, Timing and Quantity, three easy concepts to keep in mind when eating healthy on-the-go.

Quality: Aim to have the least processed foods available. The closer a food is to its natural state, the higher the quality. Healthy eating is about getting back to basics with food.

Timing: Timing is crucial if you want to adopt healthy eating on-the-go. Make sure you eat every four hours. If you’re ravenous, you’re far more likely to fall prey to the siren call of the drive-thru.

Quantity:It’s easy to mindlessly chomp on chow when you’re driving or bored at the airport. Take time to breathe and chew while you eat, so you can really feel when your body has had enough. Aim to eat to the point of feeling like you’ve refilled your energy stores, and then stop. You want to use your food to fuel you up when you’re on the run, not slow you down.

So the next time you have a whirlwind day, all you have to remember is “QTQ”. To help you pick the highest Quality travel foods, check out our list.

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