Spring is the perfect time for a lifestyle renewal

Embrace a Detox Lifestyle: Tips for Better Health and Wellbeing

Thank you all who participated in our recently completed sugar detox program - by all accounts it was a great success. We're hearing that weight loss from the 2 week program ranged between 1.6 and 6kgs. Over the two week period the secure zone forum had over 100 posts and 500 views and participants came from around Sydney, The Gold Coast, Brisbane and even overseas.

Spring is a great time for a good clean up. If you didn't manage to join us there are still many things you can do to upgrade your habits and your life. Give some of these a go and see how much better you can feel.

Live the Detox Lifestyle

1. Exercise: Our bodies are designed for regular physical activity. Regular exercise supports detoxification by allowing the lymphatic system to carry toxins and wastes out of the body. You should aim for 30 to 40 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, three to four times per week.

2. Avoid recreational drugs: Recreational drugs (including cigarettes and alcohol) interfere with your detoxification processes and should be avoided to ensure you get the most out of your detoxification program.

3. Drink pure water: One of the easiest ways to improve your detoxification capacity is to drink plenty of water. Ideally the water should be filtered and you should aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, or more if it is hot or when you are exercising.

4. Detoxify your environment: Your home and work can be major sources of toxins. Try to eliminate or minimise your use of chemical cleaning products (vinegar, bicarb and other natural products like Miessence are suitable alternatives), antiperspirants with aluminum, pesticides, petrochemicals, paints, solvents and hair spray.

5. Avoid toxic emotions and stress: How you think and feel can profoundly influence your health. Choose to be positive, optimistic and focused on improving your health. If you have a major stress in your life, enlisting the support of others to help can be useful. If you have lots of little stressors, practicing a relaxation technique like yoga, tai chi or meditation may be helpful.

6. Dry skin brushing: Your skin is a major organ of elimination. Dead skin cells can accumulate and prevent the skin being able to remove toxins effectively. Before you shower, spend five to ten minutes with a firm bristled brush or loofah brushing the skin of the arms, legs, and back briskly in the direction of the heart.

7. Spa treatments and massage: Many health spas offer treatments such as saunas, hydrotherapy baths, marine algae wraps, skin exfoliation, and mud treatments. Massage techniques may accelerate detoxification, particularly lymphatic drainage. These treatments have a long traditional use for detoxification and will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and stress free.

8. Have a fresh salad every day. Include lots of green leafy vegetables and vary the ingredients you use. Include as many colours as possible, a quality protein (like free range eggs, chicken, turkey or fish) and some seeds. Use extra virgin olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar as a dressing.

The first step is always the hardest, so if after making some positive changes you decide you are ready to try the detox then join us next time.

This program is done online, yet you still have a supportive community helping each other and overlaying all this is my professional support.

I'd love to see you participate. Here is the link to the program:

Online Sugar Detox Program

To your health and happiness.

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