Make up this drink when you feel the first signs of a cold or flu coming on. Even use as a preventative throughout the winter. Plus, it tastes great and is warming in the colder weather. I certainly don’t drink as much water in Winter as I’m put off when it’s too cold, so having this simple warming option is perfect to keep me hydrated as well.


1 piece of fresh ginger, thinly sliced (about 2cm long and 1cm thick)
Juice of 1/2 lemon (or more if you prefer)
Raw honey to taste (optional)


Slice a 2cm (1 inch) piece of ginger into thin strips and place in a mug. Pour in boiling water. Add lemon juice and honey to taste. Use Manuka honey for a double healing hit. Drink & enjoy!

Do you get more than your fare share of colds and flu?

Do your children pick up every bug going round school and day care?

Contact us for a consult to find out more ways to boost your and your family’s immunity during winter. Following a healthy eating plan is vital to keep you and your family in tip top shape.

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