Guide to 1 Day Detox and pH Balancing

Revitalize Your Body: A Comprehensive Guide to One-Day Detox and pH Balancing

When you’ve consumed too many acidic foods (chocolates, alcohol, coffee, cakes, too much meat and rich dairy products)  leaving you tired and feeling fat, try this quick one-day guide. It will help to balance your pH levels and feel clear-headed and lighter. You can do this simple one-day detox whenever you feel the need for better acid alkaline balance.

Drink 1 - Green Juice

Use cucumber, celery, mint, spinach, lime (or lemon if you like it really tart) and apple or any combination of these

Drink 2 - Herbal Teas

Try peppermint, ginger & lemon, dandelion or chamomile

Drink 3 - Pure Water

Use filtered water. Both hot & cold, with a squeeze of lemon or lime (optional)

Drink 4 - For a Treat

Prepare Lemonade using sparkling water, lemon and stevia or monk fruit sweetener

Liquid food - Potassium broth

Use carrot tops, potato peelings, celery tops, broth powder, onion and pure water. Boil for 20 minutes then sieve and drink the broth

Liquid food - Pick vegetables of your choice and prepare a blended vegetable soup

Use your preferred combination of vegetables and a quality stock with no MSG. Alternatively just add a pinch of sea salt and some spices you like. Then blend once cooked or try a raw blended vegetable soup if it's hot weather and you can't face a hot soup. See the Raw Spinach Soup Recipe.


The ultimate aim of taking up a one-day detox is to help reduce the toxic load on your digestive system, as a result of acidic foods, and alkalize your system by consuming herbal drinks, fresh wholefoods and ensure you have a day to relax.

Besides, you can make this pH balanced day, a day for completing the piled up cleaning tasks at home, give yourself some personal time and ensure things are back in order both internally (your body) and externally (your house). Use this opportunity to clear out your cupboards and get things organized in the house and garden. You’ll feel better emotionally as well as physically when you do this.

An ideal routine for this day would be consuming green juice the entire morning (around 1 litre), herbal tea and water through the day, soup or potassium broth for lunch and tea time, and one more serving of the same in the evening in case you need it.

Even so, you must listen to your body and ensure you don’t stay hungry. Divert all your energy to cleaning your home, or other things that interest you and forget about food for the day. Just make sure you are prepared with the soups and ingredients you need.

When you have successfully completed your pH Balance alkaline diet and Detox day, remember to reward yourself for the achievement, in the form of a hot tub bath, with Epsom or bath salts and when you are out, massage your body generously with coconut oil to moisturise your body. Or treat yourself to a detoxing massage.

Pick your favourite book and get into bed early to read. The next day, you will all be pumped up and ready for life. Also, your house will be cleaner, much like your body. With this rejuvenation, you can start your day with a new strength and the best part – this routine is easy, doable and can be included in your schedule anytime.

If you feel the need for a more extended detox then do my Back to Basics Detox to bring you back into balance and help you stop sugar cravings and lose a few extra kilos. Read more about my Online Back to Basics Detox here >>.

If you'd rather just add more alkaline meal recipes to your diet check out our 7-day alkaline meal plan pdf.

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