Recipe: Build-A-Better-Sandwich

You can store sprouted bread in the refrigerator or the freezer – they’ll last longest in the freezer. If you store them there, just pull out what you’re going to use a couple minutes before you make your sandwich. They defrost super quickly. Sprouted bread is low GI, higher protein, lower gluten (but still contains gluten) and helps stop sugar cravings with its slow release energy. Toast sprouted bread with various toppings for perfect healthy desking and dining! I use a sandwich press rather than a toaster because the bread can be quite brittle in a normal toaster and hard to get out. Using a sandwich press you can toast them flat.

Sprouted Bread Sandwich


Sprouted bread: Choose from the sprouted grain bread available at Harris Farm, some health food stores or your online organic delivery service. The brands I’m familiar with are Pure Life & Lifestyle Bakery.

Possible Toppings/Fillings:

  1. Avocado slices, pinto beans, organic cheese (or nut cheese), tomato salsa
  2. Free-range, hormone-free turkey, avocado, sprouts, shredded zucchini, dijon mustard
  3. Tempeh, shredded lettuce, tomatoes
  4. Hummus, tabbouleh, sprouts and cucumbers
  5. Organic chicken, sautéed spinach and pumpkin seeds
  6. There are endless variations…


1.    Toast the sprouted bread.
2.    Add a topping for an open sandwich or filling if you prefer a traditional sandwich.
3.    If you can’t prepare a sandwich at work you can bring to work and refrigerate.
4.    Enjoy!

Wellness Quick Tip

If you knew there was a vitamin that can instantly rejuvenate, refresh and reinvigorate, would you take it? Well, that vitamin exists! It’s called Vitamin FA, for “Fresh Air”. Sitting in a closed office all day is hard on your body, as it requires liberal doses of Vitamin FA. The next time you want to head to your local coffee shop to stave off your afternoon energy dip, take a brisk 10-minute walk outside instead. It’s sure to lift your mood and boost your energy!

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