So what’s the deal with sprouted grains? Why are they better for us than flour products? The main benefit of sprouting any food is twofold: first, it releases vital nutrients and second, it makes those nutrients easier for the body to assimilate. You can sprout at home on your own, but if you don’t have time you can now purchase sprouted foods. Let’s look at an example of a sprouted food at your local health food or specialty grocery store.

You may have heard of Ezekial or Essene breads, usually found in grocery store’s like Harris Farm (or online organic suppliers) in the refrigerated or freezer section. To unlock the dormant grain energy and maximize nutritional value, they add water to organic grains, which releases beneficial enzymes that sprout the grains. The resulting sprouted grain is richer in protein and vitamins than a regular bread made from dry, ground flour.

You’ll notice that if you keep sprouted breads out on your counter, they’ll spoil after a day or two. That’s a good thing! That means that they have life energy in them, which boosts your own energy when you eat them.

When people with wheat intolerances or issues with high FODMAP foods try sprouted grain bread they often find their digestive system accepts the sprouted grains without any problem. Sprouted grains are also low GI to help stop sugar cravings and keep normal blood sugar levels. They are also great food for your microbiome as they feed the gut’s healthy bacteria.

Nuts, seeds and legumes also benefit from being sprouted or at least soaked, which is the first step in the sprouting process. See my video on how and why we soak nuts: Watch here

Some of the more popular sprouts are: alfalfa, mung bean, lentils, broccoli and chickpeas. They are great on top of salads and soups. See our Recipe section for suggestions on how to use sprouted grain breads and various sprouts as toppings.

For further information on how to upgrade your food choices and therefore your health, contact Lisa Snowdon and see how Vibrant Nutrition can help you.

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